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Jesus Anointed at Bethany


John 12:1-11

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Jesus Anointed at Bethany Again


This is the first of two anointings that take place at Bethany.  This one takes place at the home of Lazarus six days before the Passover.  Only two days before the Passover Jesus is anointed again at the house of Simon the Leper.

In this occurrence, we are told that Mary is the one who does the anointing.  At Simon's house we don't know who anoints Jesus other than simply a woman.

John tells us that Judas Iscariot is upset over this act, not because he considered it a waste but because he had been stealing from the money bag.  He hoped to convince Jesus to sell the perfume and give the money to the poor so that he could pocket some of it.

We are also told that many people have gathered at Lazarus' house because they had heard he had been raised from the dead.  This is cause for alarm for the chief priests because he is a very visible testimony to the power of Jesus.  They make plans to not only kill Jesus but also Lazarus to rid themselves of the evidence of one of Jesus' greatest miracles.


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