Four Gospels Together
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Ministry of Jesus

Baptism of Jesus


Matthew 3:13-17
Mark 1:9-11
Luke 3:21-22

Key Differences

Matthew contains far more detail than Mark and Luke.  John the Baptist acknowledges that he should be baptized by Jesus but instead Jesus came to him. 

Jesus says that He must be baptized to fulfill all righteousness.  Jesus did not need to be made righteous.  Baptism did not "save" Him any more than it saves anyone else.  Instead Jesus was baptized as an example for His followers just as He set examples in the Lord's Prayer and the celebration of the Last Supper.

Additional Commentary

While the trinity of God is very difficult to explain or understand, we see it clearly in this passage.  As God the Son comes up out of the water, God the Holy Spirit descends on Him like a dove.  Then God the Father speaks from heaven.  This is the clearest picture of the three persons of the trinity in the Bible. 

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