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Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus Foretold


Luke 1:26-38

Similar Passage

Birth of John Foretold


Luke closely ties the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist together.  It is in the sixth month of her relative Elizabeth's pregnancy that Gabriel appears to Mary.

Although the question sounds similar, what Mary asks Gabriel is vastly different from what Zechariah asked him.  Zechariah asks for proof, as if the appearance of an angel to announce the miracle was not proof enough.  Instead Mary asks "How can this be?"  She is not questioning that the miracle will happen.  Instead she wants to know the circumstances that will bring it about.  Mary's immediate acceptance of the situation are a testament to her character.

Even though Mary doesn't ask for further proof, Gabriel offers another miracle as proof that God is working in the situation.  Elizabeth, who was well beyond child bearing years, was in the sixth month of her pregnancy.

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