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Birth of Jesus

Escape to Egypt


Matthew 2:13-18


After the visit from the Magi, Joseph is told to leave for Egypt in the middle of the night because Herod would search for Jesus and try to kill Him.  Joseph obediently listens and takes the family to Egypt.

Herod's command to kill all the babies born under two years old in accordance with when the star appeared shows us that it is unlikely that the Magi visited on the night of Jesus' birth.  The exact timing of their visit isn't nearly as important as the fact that they came at all. 

Herod's murder of the babies under two does not necessarily mean that the Magi visited two years after the star had first appeared in the sky.  Instead it is a testament to Herod's ruthlessness.  If the Magi had told him the star appeared a year before, Herod would have likely killed all babies under two just to make sure that he didn't accidentally miss the one he was looking for. 

This story is reminiscent of Pharoah's killing of all male babies, including God's supernatural protection of Moses and Jesus.  It is no coincidence that Joseph is told to flee to Egypt of all places.  Moses' protection was a foreshadowing of God's protection of Jesus.

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