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Birth of Jesus

Zechariah's Song


Luke 1:67-80

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The Birth of John the Baptist


Zechariah was unable to speak because he did not believe the angel when told that his wife would become pregnant.  Upon writing that the child should be named John, Zechariah is able to speak again.  His first words are ones of praise and prophecy as he is filled with the Holy Spirit.

The first half of Zechariah's song is about Jesus who had yet to be born.  It is quite possible that Mary was present at the time of Zechariah's birth however as she stayed with Elizabeth for three months, beginning at the sixth month of her pregnancy.

Zechariah also foretells what his son John's purpose will be, to prepare the way for the Lord and to call the people to repentance. 

Like Jesus' childhood, we are simply told that John grew and became strong in spirit.  He stayed in the desert until it was time for his public ministry.

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