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Ministry of Jesus

Calling of the Disciples


Matthew 4:18-22
Mark 1:14-20
Luke 5:1-11
John 1:35-42

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Key Differences

There are actually three different stories of the calling of the disciples.  Matthew and Mark tell the same story while Luke and John have different ones.  Chronologically, it appears that Peter and Andrew are introduced to Jesus first in the passage in John.  They are called a second time with the miraculous catch of fish in Luke.  James and John as Peter and Andrew's fishing partners are introduced to Jesus at this time.  Finally the stories in Matthew and Mark tell a third calling by Jesus.  At the third calling they immediately leave everything to follow Jesus.

Additional Commentary

It may seem strange that there are several stories of the calling of the disciples but this actually makes it more believable.  Most Christians did not become so at their first introduction to the gospel.  Surveys have found that on average a person must hear the gospel seven times before they actually accept it. 

With the calling of the disciples, they apparently believe what they hear about Jesus but are not ready to fully commit to following Him until the third calling.  Today we have numerous people who call themselves Christians because they believe in Jesus but still aren't fully committed to following Him.  The disciples had to leave everything to follow Jesus and we are called to do so as well.

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