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Ministry of Jesus

God's Chosen Servant


Matthew 12:15-21


This is one of the more generic descriptions of Jesus' ministry.  In short, He heals the sick and thus fulfills prophecy that He is God's chosen servant.

It is worth noting that Jesus instructs those whom He healed not to tell anyone who He was.  In some ways this appears to work contrary to the way that we expect Jesus to operate as Jesus should want people coming to Him and for others to tell about Him.

What Jesus doesn't want is a frenzy of people who have gathered not for Him but for the miracles that He performs.  This will occur later in Matthew 14 with the feeding of the 5,000.  After that time Jesus begins to pull away from the crowds and many of the crowd abandon Him as they realize He is not going to do what they want.

Jesus wants genuine followers, not people who have gathered for their own selfish needs.  For this reason He instructs the people whom He healed to remain quiet.

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