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The Pharisees Investigate the Healing


John 9:13-34

Similar Passage

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind


After Jesus heals a man who was blind at birth, the Pharisees investigate the healing.  There is no way of denying that a miracle has taken place.  What is at issue is whether Jesus did the miracle by His own power or by that of God.

The people were divided as some said that Jesus acted with the power of God and others claimed that He could not have because He was a sinner and had broken the Sabbath.  When the Pharisees interview the former blind man, he responds by saying that Jesus is a prophet.

The Pharisees then speak to the parents of the blind man, hoping to find a way to disprove what had taken place.  They acknowledge that the man is their son and that he had been miraculously healed.  However they will not acknowledge how it was done or by whom.  They were fearful of being put out of the synagogue if they acknowledged Jesus.

The Pharisees return to the blind man and try to bait him into admitting that Jesus is a sinner.  The man's response is simple and to the point.  He didn't care what Jesus was, the evidence stood for itself.  Once he was blind, but now he could see.  Upon asking if the Pharisees wanted to become disciples of Jesus too, they hurl insults upon him refuse to listen to him any longer when he claims that Jesus had to come from God.

The Pharisees are typical of people today.  They will continue to search for what they want to hear, regardless of whether it is the truth.  When confronted with the truth, they reject it and deride it, rather than examine it and listen to reason.

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