Four Gospels Together
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Ministry of Jesus

Jesus and Beelzebub


Matthew 12:22-37
Mark 3:23-27
Luke 11:14-28

Key Differences

Luke contains commentary on the way demons operate.  When evil is forced out, it will try even harder to get back in.  In the case of the empty house, the person has done nothing to change their life since the evil has left them, therefore it is not a problem for evil to reenter.  For those who fill their life with Christ, evil will find it much more difficult to reenter.


Abraham Lincoln's great speech quotes from this passage of scripture.  He was calling for unity.  Jesus instead was saying that He had no unity with Satan and instead was at war with him by driving out demons.

The Pharisees do all they can to discredit Jesus and not acknowledge the hand of God at work.  This is the opposite reaction that most people have when they see a miracle.  When something incredible happens, they give God the credit.  Instead, the Pharisees state that it is done by the power of Satan.

There have been various interpretations of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and even one can lose their salvation because of it.  In the context, it is quite obvious that the Pharisees were never believers of Jesus.  Rather than this being the straw that broke the camel's back and caused them to be unforgivable, this is probably best understood as evidence that they as so far gone that they will never seek repentance. 

God has the power to forgive every sin, but a person must call upon Him and ask for forgiveness.  A person who refuses to acknowledge the power of God is not going to call upon Him for forgiveness however.  This makes the sin unforgivable.  God has turned around the lives of some terrible sinners from Nebuchadnezzar to Paul.  The key however was that they were humbled and asked for forgiveness.  The pharisees will not be humbled however and would sooner attribute the work of God to Satan than to acknowledge God's power.

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