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Is Jesus the Christ?


John 7:25-44


The people of Jerusalem have seen and heard about Jesus for some time and ultimately they must make a decision as to what they believe about Him.  Some accept His teachings and acknowledge His miracles.  Others reject Him because they do not understand Him and have not taken the time to evaluate what He says.

After being exposed to Jesus, every person today must reach a conclusion on Him.  Jesus is either the Messiah or He's not.  Some immediately see the difference that Jesus makes in others and they decide to follow Jesus. 

Others react on an emotional level.  They don't like what they hear or see and reject Jesus based on feelings rather than facts.  Or even worse, they make a search for facts but only facts that support their already determined position.

It is impossible to be neutral about Jesus.  Just as the crowds in Jerusalem, everyone had an opinion. 

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