Four Gospels Together
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Ministry of Jesus

John the Baptist Prepares the Way


Matthew 3:1-12
Mark 1:1-9
Luke 3:1-20

Key Differences

Luke contains more detail than the other accounts, including John's arrest because of preaching against Herod. 

Luke also offers instructions as to what the people should do.  These are not commands that save anyone, but rather they are indications of repentance which John called for.

Additional Commentary

John preaches a message that is very similar to Jesus.  This is with good reason as God had one message for the people of Israel and that was to repent.  John rebukes the Pharisees and Sadducees who come out to him just as Jesus frequently clashed with them.  The reason is not that God had rejected them but that their repentance was apparently not genuine.

The Pharisees relied on their own self righteousness for their salvation.  By going to John, they believed that they were doing right simply because they were following all of the proper procedures and listening to a great teacher.  They have no interest in true repentance because they don't see the need for it.  This is why John calls them a brood of vipers and is the same reason that Jesus clashed with them.

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