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Ministry of Jesus

John the Baptist's Testimony About Jesus


John 3:22-36


When Jesus begins His ministry, He takes His disciples and begins baptizing more followers.  When word reaches John the Baptist that people are leaving him to follow Jesus, he responds with gladness rather than a sense of loss.

John realizes what his role is and that he is meant to prepare the way for Jesus.  As Jesus' ministry is established, John realizes that he must take a diminished role and allow Jesus' ministry to become all that it is meant to be.  Ultimately John's ministry will end when he is thrown into prison and executed but here we see that John understood his role and that he was not in competition with Jesus nor did he feel threatened that people left him to follow Jesus.

John's testimony about Jesus is that God's hand is with Him.  Not only does John recognizes God's blessing, he also understands Jesus to be the Son of God.  John states that everyone has the choice to accept Jesus or reject Him.  Those who accept Him will be saved while those who reject Him will receive God's wrath.  Actually, they were already under God's wrath and so it remains on them.  People are punished for their sins, not for rejecting Jesus.  Only by accepting Jesus can a person be forgiven their sins however.

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