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Ministry of Jesus

Jesus' Mother and Brothers


Matthew 12:46-50
Mark 3:31-35
Luke 8:19-21


This passage would appear to contradict the belief that Jesus had no earthly brothers.  Some contend that references to Jesus' brothers was a figure of speech and that it was meant as friends but not physical relations. 

In this passage we see that Jesus' mother and brothers are lumped together however.  No one argues that Jesus had an earthly mother and therefore it is logical to conclude that these are earthly brothers with Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Jesus' response is not a rejection of His family but simply a teachable moment that Jesus uses.  He explains that everyone who does the will of God the Father is a part of His family.

It may appear odd that Jesus puts off His family's desire to speak to Him but this is in line with His teaching.  His ministry is the most important thing and that comes before even His family.  Undoubtedly His family was important to Him but His ministry came first and could not be interrupted for things which were less important.

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