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Passion Week

Jesus Taken to Annas


John 18:12-14,19-24

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Before the Sanhedrin


Before Jesus was taken to Caiphas the high priest, He was first taken to Annas.  Annas was the former high priest and held no legal authority but still carried religious clout.

The position of high priest was meant to be a lifetime position but this much authority threatened the Romans and Annas was deposed of his position.  The position stayed within the family however, passing on to Annas' five sons and finally to his son-in-law Caiphas by this time.

As Jesus' trial began illegally in the middle of the night, the stop at Annas' house was as much for ceremonial show as it was a stalling tactic.  The Sanhedrin needed to be assembled and this could take some time even though many were already a part of the mob that came to arrest Jesus.

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