Four Gospels Together
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Passion Week

Jesus Appears to His Disciples


Luke 24:36-49
John 20:19-23

Key Differences

These two passages are much more different than similar.  The only similarity in both passages is that Jesus says "Peace be with you" and showed them His hands and side.  Thomas was apparently not present at the time which led to his statement that he must see Jesus' hands and side.

Additional Commentary

Despite the miraculous things that they had been told, the disciples did not actually see Jesus until the evening after the resurrection.  Because of all of the turmoil surrounding Jesus' death, the disciples do not know what to think and are gathered together in a locked room for safety.

We are given a glimpse of what our resurrected bodies may be like by observing what Jesus did.  He had a physical presence.  The disciples were able to see and touch his hands and side.  He breathed on them and ate with them.  But Jesus also had a supernatural presence.  He was able to walk to a locked house.  We don't know if this is something that is natural for a resurrected body or if this is an individual miracle that takes place.  Whatever the case is, Jesus had not done anything like this in the presence of the disciples before.

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