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Passion Week

Jesus Comforts His Disciples


John 14:1-4


It is difficult to comfort someone, particularly in the event of a death.  Even for other Christians, we experience a sense of loss when that person leaves us.  Jesus knew that His disciples would experience this but He tries to comfort them with good news.

Jesus would not be leaving them forever.  More so, His leaving was for an important reason.  Jesus had to leave in order to make heaven ready for all Christians, the disciples included.  We shouldn't interpret this to mean that heaven was then or still is incomplete since Jesus has not returned yet.  Instead, Jesus had to go before us in order to prepare the way for us.  Without Jesus, we cannot access heaven. 

Along with Jesus' promise of leaving for an important purpose is the promise of Jesus' return.  When don't know when Jesus will return, only that He will.  Revelation tells us that Jesus' return will be soon.  Soon is not how we think of time, but rather it means imminent.  Jesus can return at any moment.  There is nothing that must first take place before Jesus can return. 

We can take comfort knowing that we will be united with loved ones after death.  We can also take comfort knowing that Jesus may return for us at any moment.

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