Four Gospels Together
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Passion Week



Matthew 26:36-46
Mark 14:32-42
Luke 22:39-46

Key Differences

Luke records two details that the other gospels do not.  While Jesus says that His soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death it sounds like an exaggeration but Luke records that an angel appeared to Him and strengthened Him, much like after He was tempted in the wilderness.

Luke also records that Jesus' sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.  It is unclear whether this means He actually sweat blood, whether it speaks of the volume of sweat, or rather its consistency.  If Jesus' had sweat a lot because of the stress, He would have become dehydrated and this would have caused His sweat to become thick like blood.  This may be backed up by Jesus' cry on the cross that He was thirsty.

Additional Commentary

Jesus' wrestles with the task before Him.  It should be noted that it is not a sin to wrestle with doing God's will, it is only sin when we fail to do what is right.  In the end, Jesus responds by telling God the Father that He will do His will and go to the cross.  Jesus knows what is required of Him on the cross but does so willingly, knowing that it is His mission on earth.

When Jesus returns from praying, all three times He finds His disciples asleep.  It is the middle of the night and this is understandable from a human perspective.  Jesus chides them for their inability to stay awake and warns them that they should watch so that they don't fall into temptation.

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