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Passion Week

Jesus Before Herod


Luke 23:6-12

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Jesus Before Pilate

Jesus Back to Pilate


It is difficult to separate events of Jesus before Pilate and when He goes before Herod.  The other gospels don't even make mention of the side trip to Herod, so we can't be certain what conversations take place before He goes and there and after He returns.  In the end, the order doesn't matter much.

Pilate realizes that he is in a difficult situation with Jesus.  He understands from the beginning that Jesus is innocent but also realizes that the Jews are determined to kill Him.  When he discovers that Jesus is a Galilean, he seizes the opportunity to pass the buck, hoping that Herod will have to be the one who ultimately must deal with Jesus and the Pharisees.

Herod is interested in seeing Jesus, having heard much about Him and being interested in seeing a miracle.  When Herod does not get what he wants from Jesus though, he turns to mocking Him and sends him back to Pilate because he refuses to be the one to bear responsibility for Jesus' death.

In a strange occurance, this event brings Pilate and Herod together and causes them to become friends.  Luke notes that they had previously been enemies.


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