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Passion Week

Jesus at the Temple


Matthew 21:12-17
Mark 11:15-19
Luke 19:45-48

Similar Passage

Jesus Clears the Temple


This story is very similar to the account in John 2 as they both occur at the time of Passover but they are in fact separate.  The story that John records takes place at the beginning of Jesus' ministry and this is likely three years later, just days before His crucifixion.

In John's account, the Pharisees ask for proof of Jesus' authority to drive them out of the temple and Jesus responds by telling them that He would rise from the dead in three days after His death.  This second time that He drives the sellers and money changers out, they ask for no proof of authority because they understand who He is, or at least in their minds who He claims to be.  Instead, they are angry and seek a way that they might kill Him.  Jesus won't play into their hands however and does not spend the evening in Jerusalem.

For more information about why the buying and selling of animals and the exchanging of money was so offensive, see Jesus Clears the Temple.


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