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Passion Week

The Jews Continue in Their Unbelief


John 12:37-50


The ministry of Jesus is a "good news, bad news" kind of situation.  Many people rejected Him but He knew they would all along as the prophet Isaiah had prophesied they would.  On the other hand, some who believed in Him would not do so publicly for fear of the Pharisees and being put out of the temple.

Only after His death did Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus finally admit to being followers of Jesus and they took His body to be buried properly.  There were likely others who believed Jesus' message but did so secretly because of fear.

Jesus' life is a condemnation of all those who reject Him.  Jesus reminds His listeners that He was not the one who would judge them however.  It was God who would judge because in rejecting Jesus, they rejected God.  Jesus had a mission to seek and save the lost but those who didn't follow Him would not be saved.

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