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Passion Week

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus


Matthew 26:14-16
Mark 14:10-11
Luke 22:3-6

Key Differences

Luke gives us a few details that the other gospels do not.  We are told that not only had Satan prompted Judas to do this, Satan entered him.  This does not in any way let Judas off the hook though because it is clear from the gospels that Judas was motivated by greed and personal gain in following Jesus.  Likewise, he had to be open to Satanic possession in order for it to happen.

Luke also gives us a key as to why Judas was needed for this process.  The chief priests could have arrested Jesus at any time because He often appeared in public.  But they feared the reaction of the people and sought to catch Jesus alone without witnesses.  This is why the needed Judas' help in trapping Jesus. 

Additional Commentary

Judas has gotten out of Jesus what he can and now it is apparent that Jesus will not get him what he wants.  So he decides to betray Jesus in return for as much as he can receive.  The money that is offered isn't a huge amount, especially considering how desperately the chief priests wanted to get rid of Jesus.  It is a testament to how little Jesus meant to Judas by this time that he is willing to betray Him for any amount of money that is offered.

According to the law of Moses 30 pieces of silver is the amount to be paid in restitution if a person accidentally kills another man's slave.  Jesus was betrayed not for a king's ransom but for the price of a slave.

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