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Passion Week

Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish


John 21:1-14

Similar Passage

Calling of the Disciples


It is not a coincidence that this passage is similar to the calling of the disciples and that even the same miracle is performed.  After His resurrection, Jesus is essentially re-calling His disciples.

When Jesus called the disciples, He told them that they would be fishers of men.  They left their boats and nets and followed Him.  After Jesus' death and despite His resurrection, the disciples are lost as to what they should do.  The fact that Jesus performs essentially the same miracle serves as a reminder to them that their mission has not changed despite the fact that He would no longer be their teacher and leader.  They were to be fishers of men.

This miracle sets up the reinstatement of Peter as well.  In the absence of Jesus, Peter has become the de facto of the disciples.  Because he is struggling with the guilt of denying Christ, he has essentially led the disciples away from their calling.  They need to be reminded of their calling and Peter needs to be forgiven and reinstated.

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