Four Gospels Together
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Passion Week

Peter Disowns Jesus


Matthew 26:69-75
Mark 14:66-72
Luke 22:54-62
John 18:15-18,25-27

Key Differences

Mark includes the minor detail that the rooster crowed two times.

John includes details of how Peter made it into the courtyard of the with the help of John.  John was known to the high priest and thus had access to the house and was able to sneak Peter in.

Luke tells us that at Peter's third denial and the crowing of the rooster, Peter was close enough enough to be seen by Jesus.  Jesus looked directly at him and at that moment he realized exactly what he had done.

Additional Commentary

Earlier, Jesus had predicted Peter's denial.  He had boldly predicted that even though the other disciples may abandon Jesus, he wouldn't.  Jesus told him that not only would he abandon Him like the others, he would even deny knowing Him.

To start, Peter backs up his bold prediction.  He draws his sword at Jesus' arrest and cuts off the ear of the servant of the high priest.  After the heat of the moment, when Peter has time to reflect on what is going on, he ends up being fearful like the rest.

Part of the process of humbling Peter comes from not only the denial but to whom Peter issues the denials.  Peter is not questioned by soldiers, the chief priests, or any of the Jewish leaders.  Instead, he is questioned by two girls and servants.  Upon reflection, this has to be the most humbling of all to Peter.  He promised to stand by Jesus to the death and in the end he lied to girls and servants about even knowing Jesus.

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