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Passion Week

Jesus Before Pilate


Luke 23:1-7

Similar Passage

Jesus Back to Pilate


Jesus stands before Pilate twice although Luke's gospel is the only one that tells us this.  After questioning Jesus, Pilate can not find anything to condemn Jesus for.  This doesn't matter to the Sanhedrin who brought Him there however as they claim that Jesus has stirred up trouble in Galilee before.

When Pilate hears that Jesus is from Galilee, he takes the opportunity to pass the buck.  He knows that Jesus is innocent and he doesn't want any part in what the Jews are trying to do to Jesus.  Likewise, he and Herod have been enemies and by passing along the bothersome case to him, Pilate might get some satisfaction if it annoys Herod.

Jesus is sent to Herod before being brought back to Pilate.  Ironically, it is this event that causes Herod and Pilate to reconcile their differences and they become friends after this.

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