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Passion Week

Jesus Back to Pilate


Matthew 27:11-26
Mark 15:1-15
Luke 23:13-25
John 18:28-40

Similar Passage

Jesus Before Pilate

Key Differences

Matthew records that Pilate's wife informed him to not have anything to do with Jesus and that He was innocent.  She suffered in a dream because of Him. 

Matthew also records the words of the crowd that end up being ironic and prophetic, "Let His blood be on us and our children's heads."  Although the crowd does not intend it this way, Jesus' blood would be for them and their children.

John tells us why Pilate's judgment was so important - the Israelites didn't have the authority to execute anyone.  While the Jews enjoyed a number of freedoms under Roman rule, only the Roman government could enact capital punishment.

All four gospels record that the people ask to have Barabbas released to them instead of Jesus.  However, only John tells us that it was the custom of the Jews to have one prisoner released to them at the time of Passover.

Additional Commentary

Luke's gospel records that Jesus is sent to Herod and back again.  Some of the events recorded in the other gospels occur before Jesus is sent to Herod and some are after He returns.  The timeline doesn't matter much except that Pilate says in Luke that even Herod found nothing wrong with Jesus.

Pilate is portrayed as a coward and rightfully so.  He is not willing to stand up for what is right and instead folds under the pressure of the Jews.  He does everything he can to prevent from handing down a sentence to Jesus.  He sends Him away to Herod.  He has Jesus beaten, hoping that this would cool the Jews' anger.  He attemps to release Jesus instead of the notorious murderer Barabbas.  In the end, nothing works to prevent Pilate from having to decide which side to stand on.

Despite the fact that Pilate knows Jesus is innocent and his wife had a prophetic dream telling her He was innocent, Pilate condemns Jesus.  He fears what may happen from the Jews more than he fears sentencing an innocent man to death.  Despite his attempts to do right, he ultimately fails and he doesn't get credit for trying.

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