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Passion Week

Jesus Prays for All Believers


John 17:20-26


After praying for Himself and praying for His disciples, Jesus prays for all believers. 

Of all things for Jesus to pray for, He prays for the unity of believers.  While Jesus ministered, believers were united directly through Him as they followed Him and listened to His teachings.  As Christianity took off and spread throughout the world, Jesus would still be central figure but He would not be the one to lead them all.

Even in the early church era, and especially today, the church has disagreed on how to interpret things that Jesus taught.  This has led to unhealthy fighting amongst Christians.  There can be only one right interpretation but on many issues it is not worth breaking the unity of the church over.  Only when we disagree on how one becomes saved should we truly break unity and go our separate ways as then one group is not saved as there are not multiple ways to the Father.


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