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Passion Week

Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial


Matthew 26:31-35
Mark 14:27-31
Luke 22:31-38
John 13:31-38

Key Differences

Luke records Jesus' comments that Satan has asked to sift Peter like wheat.  This is reminiscent of the story of Job when Satan gains permission to try Job. 

Luke also mentions a prophetic warning of the stress to come.  While Jesus does not advocate violence - and will soon tell Peter to put his sword away - the call for swords is simply a recognition that perilous times are about to begin.

Additional Commentary

John tells us that the prediction of Peter's denial comes right after Judas has left to betray Jesus.  Peter has boldly proclaimed that he will never abandon Jesus, even if it means death or imprisonment.  Interestingly, the other disciples make the same claim but it is Peter who is to be humbled. 

There are a few good reasons that Peter is the one who denies Christ.  First is the already mentioned fact that Satan has asked to sift Peter like wheat.  Some of it came down to personality however.  Throughout the gospels, Peter is the first to speak or act, often without thinking of the possible consequences.  Although the other disciples agree with him, Peter is the first to voice his opinion in this instance as well.

Peter as the future leader of the church needed honing as well.  God would use his boldness and brashness but first it must be reshaped into something more ready for God's purposes.  Through being humbled, Peter would become the leader that God would have him to be.

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