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Passion Week

The Resurrection


Matthew 28:1-10
Mark 16:1-20
Luke 24:1-10
John 20:1-8

Similar Passage

Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

Key Differences

There are many key differences between the gospel accounts.  John's gospel is almost completely different from the others.  We shouldn't think of this as a contradiction but rather a completion of details that are not recorded in the other gospels.

Only in John's gospel are we told that Peter and John investigate the tomb and discover that Jesus was gone.  (Luke mentions just Peter went but doesn't give any details.)  Likewise, only in John's gospel are we given the story of Jesus appearing to Mary, although it is mentioned by Mark.

In Matthew, only Mary Magdalene and the other Mary are mentioned while Mark records a third woman, Salome and identifies "the other Mary" as the mother of James.  John only mentions Mary Magdalene as going to the tomb.  In fact, there could have been other women as well, but each gospel writer chose to identify only certain women because of the audience they were writing to.

Additional Commentary

While most Christians are well familiar with the story of the resurrection of Jesus, a chronological timeline of the events of the resurrection is probably helpful.  Links are provided to commentary on other sections.  Verses are given where only one gospel records the events in the verses above.

  • The women go to the tomb

  • Two angels appear to the women and they return to the disciples to report what has taken place

  • Peter and John investigate the tomb (John 20:3-9)

  • Mary Magdalene remains at the tomb and sees two angels who ask why she is weeping

  • Mary sees Jesus, first mistaking Him for the gardener

  • Jesus appears to the other women who had gone to the tomb (Matthew 28:9-10)

  • Jesus appears to two men on the road to Emmaus

  • Jesus appears to the disciples, minus Thomas

  • Jesus appears to Thomas a week later


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