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Passion Week

Jesus Sentenced to Be Crucified


John 19:1-16

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Jesus Back to Pilate


Pilate tries in vain to set Jesus free.  In having Him beaten and dressed up as a king in mocking fashion, he hopes to calm the anger of the Jewish leaders but this does not work. 

Multiple times Pilate tells the crowd that he finds no basis for sentencing Jesus to death.  Nevertheless, the people won't be denied and demand that Jesus be crucified. 

The final straw for Pilate and proof that he is a coward rather than a man who tried to save Jesus but simply failed is when the crowd responds by saying that "anyone who claims to be a king opposes Caesar."  Jesus was not in opposition to Caesar but Pilate realized that his hands were tied.  If he freed Jesus, the Jewish leaders would go tell Caesar what had taken place.  Pilate would lose his position if he was lucky and his life if he wasn't.  He decides that it was better for an innocent man to die than for him to lose his position.

John tells us that Pilate hands Jesus over around the sixth hour (around noon) on the Passover.  Jesus will be dead by the ninth hour or 3:00 in the afternoon.

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