Four Gospels Together
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Passion Week

The Triumphal Entry


Matthew 21:1-11
Mark 11:1-10
Luke 19:28-44
John 12:12-19

Key Differences

In Luke's account, Jesus weeps over the city of Jerusalem, knowing that the people had rejected Him, despite the reception He had received.  "They will not leave one stone on another" is prophetic and literal regarding the temple.  In AD 70 the Roman soldiers set fire to the temple.  The gold ornaments melt and gold runs into he cracks between the stones.  The soldiers pry apart each stone in order to retrieve the melted gold.

John notes that many of the people who had gathered did so because they heard about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.  The Jewish leaders discover this and realize that they aren't getting anywhere in trying to prevent people from following Jesus.


Jesus enters Jerusalem, He is treated like a conquering hero.  The exception is that He does not ride a white horse but rather a simple donkey.  In the future Jesus will enter, riding on a white horse, but not on this day.  His entrance is simple and according to prophecy. 

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