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Jesus at a Pharisee's House


Luke 14:1-14


There are three parts to this passage.  The first is a familiar theme with Jesus.  He continues to challenge the thinking of the Pharisees regarding the law and their traditions.  While they were forbidden to work on the Sabbath, Jesus healed on the Sabbath.  Jesus does not do this to flaunt the law of the land but rather to stress the point that blind legalism is not going to save the people of Israel and they already made exceptions to their own laws, such as rescuing an ox that had fallen into a well.

The second part could be considered a proverb on the best way to live life.  Those who think they are more important than they are will likely be humbled but those who live humbly will be exalted.  This is another shot at the thinking of the Jewish leaders.  They believed that they were righteous and would come to realize that they were not.  Those who acknowledge that they are unrighteous and seek repentance will be forgiven and ultimately rewarded.

The third part is a contrast of earthly rewards versus heavenly ones.  It is common to do good for other people who will return the favor either in some form of repayment or through compliments or praise.  In that case, a person has received their repayment in full.  If a person takes care of those who cannot take care of themselves or repay a kind deed, that person will be rewarded in heaven for their goodness.  This is not a matter of earning one's salvation but simply storing up treasures in heaven like Jesus speaks of in Matthew 6.

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