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Plot to Kill Jesus


John 11:45-57

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The Plot Against Jesus


On the heels of possibly Jesus' greatest miracle, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, the Pharisees realize that they cannot win against Jesus; more people will continue to follow Him.  The Pharisees claim that if the uproar continues that the Romans will come in and strip everyone from power.  This was a possibility as it came to happen in AD 70.  Nevertheless, the Pharisees are far more concerned about themselves and their way of life than they are concerned about what the Roman government might do.

Caiphas recommends that the Pharisees kill Jesus in order to put a stop to everyone following Him.  Not that Jesus would ever get a fair trial but when the high priest in charge of the religious trial was the one who recommended having Him killed, there was no way they allow Him to escape once they arrested Him.

Caiphas had prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation.  Ultimately God would cause him to make the prophecy come true.  While he believed that it was for the good of the Jewish nation that Jesus be removed from the picture in order to not lead anyone else astray, God had different plans.  Jesus died for the forgiveness of sins in order to save the Jewish nation instead.

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