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Ministry of Jesus

Jesus Sends Out the Twelve


Matthew 10:1-16
Mark 6:7-11
Luke 9:1-9

Key Differences

Luke records the after effects of Jesus sending His disciples out.  Herod, who had beheaded John the Baptist, heard what was going on and was confused because the disciples were performing the same kinds of miracles and preaching the same message as John.  He heard rumors that John the Baptist had risen from the dead and so he tried to see Jesus.

Additional Commentary

The disciples are given the power to perform the same miracles as Jesus and are sent out two by two.  This is still early in their development and is most likely the first time that they had the ability to perform miracles despite watching Jesus perform them.

Jesus tells the disciples to take nothing with them because God will take care of them.  This doesn't mean that everyone who they encounter will be friendly however.  Jesus instructs them to be vigilant, telling them to be as "shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves." 

For those who do not receive them, they are to move on from and find someone who will receive them.  There is no immediate earthly punishment for those who reject the disciples or Jesus but there will be a day of judgment.  Jesus says that the punishment for those who reject Him will be worse than it was for Sodom and Gomorrah. 

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