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Jesus Sends Out the Seventy Two


Luke 10:1-23

Similar Passage

Jesus Sends out the Twelve


Jesus sent out the group of seventy two with similar instructions to that of the Twelve.  Those who reject the disciples are rejecting Jesus and ultimately God the Father. 

We are given some insight into the way God works with regard to reward and punishment.  People and cities who had more opportunity to respond to the gospel will receive greater punishment than those who did not.  This doesn't mean that people who haven't heard the gospel are off the hook - what would be the point of evangelism if it only punished those who heard and rejected the message?  Romans tells us that if nothing else, all of creation is a testament to God and declares His power.  While it is not the complete gospel story, everyone should see creation around them and search for its creator.  People who search for God will find Him.

When the disciples return to Jesus, they are amazed by the power that God has given them to perform miracles, particularly the ability to cast out demons.  Jesus responds by saying that He witnessed Satan's fall from glory.  In other words, the one who gives them the power to cast out demons cast out Satan from heaven long ago.  They should not be surprised by their ability to cast out demons.  Nevertheless, they shouldn't rejoice over the power which God gave them but rather over the fact that they are saved.

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