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Ministry of Jesus

The Transfiguration


Matthew 17:1-13
Mark 9:2-13
Luke 9:28-36


At the transfiguration Peter, James, and John get a glimpse of Jesus' true glory.  This event is reserved only for Jesus' "inner circle."  Jesus' face shone like the sun and His clothes became whiter than humanly possible.  Moses and Elijah appeared and conversed with Jesus.

Peter, ever the spokesman for the other disciples, suggests that they construct three shelters - one each for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus.  He said this because they were scared and he didn't really know what he was saying however.

Jesus tells them to keep this event quiet until after he rose from the dead.  This brings about a discussion as to what He meant by this. 

There is a question asked about why Elijah must come first, meaning before the arrival of the Messiah.  Jesus responds by saying that Elijah had already come but was recognized, referring to John the Baptist.  The Son of Man would be left in the hands of the people just as John the Baptist was.

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